Properties and Units

A property could be an individual residential building that either houses a single family/tenant

(single-unit property), or a larger building for multiple families/tenants in several Units grouped

together on the same property (multi-unit property).

Some examples of single-unit properties: Detached house, Semi-detached house, Townhouse,

Room, Suite.

Some examples of multi-unit properties: Apartment, Condo, Duplex, Triplex, etc.


A Listing, on Tenantcube is a standalone web page created for advertising an individual

property. It includes the details of the individual property, such as its features, amenities, rent,

and photographs. It is useful in making a compelling presentation of your property in a way that

is attractive to tenants.


The Tenantcube rental application is a detailed and comprehensive document that can help you

get to know who your prospective tenants are and to help you in your decision making process.