To facilitate direct transfer of rent, deposits or any other monetary transaction from your tenant, you will need to set up an account with Zumrails

In your Settings page, go to the Payment Settings tab

  • Click on Zumrails and it will open a new pop-up

  • Click on 'Activate'

  • Zumrails will ask you to create your profile with name, email address and phone number 

  • On completion, the 2nd step is to set-up the banking details and submit

  • Once submitted, your account is activated and you can carry on future transactions through Tenantcube

Please Note - For every transaction through this portal, you will be charged $2. You can choose who should pay for this charge, the tenant or the landlord. This can be managed from the 'Payment Settings' page. 

For more clarity on the steps, refer to the below video